Are You Worried About Dark Skin Spots? Get Cured At Derma Skin Clinic


Every person desires for an awesome look by having glowing and clear skin. However, harsh sun rays nowadays have a shoddy effect on people with lighter skin. Constant skin exposure to the sun results in dark skin spots or hyper pigmentation. This skin damage depends upon a person’s skin color and duration of sun-skin exposure. With the accelerating problem of hyper pigmentation, dermatologist in Lucknow would like to explain the treatment procedure of this skin problem:

  • Over-the-counter of Vitamin A: It has been largely observed that this sun damage majorly affects only the topmost layer of the skin, so treating the skin with vitamin A dosage is the best option. Topical hydroquinone is the best example of vitamin A counter.
  • Superficial chemical peel: If above treatment therapy fails, then in such case this next option that best skin doctor in Lucknow has, superficial chemical peel which is combined with the above treatment to have more effective results.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL): This treatment is only advisable when the condition is severe and above two treatments fail. Under this intense pulsed light or laser device is selectively used by dermatologists on dark spots or patches which lightens the skin color.


Through these ways of treatments this hyper pigmentation problem could surely be cured and people may re-gain their old, clear and glowing skin.


Suffering From Hair Fall And That Too Because Of These Itchy Dandruff?


Hair fall is one of the common problems in youngsters nowadays either it’s a girl or a boy. Hair fall could be caused due to various reasons due to insufficient diet, atmosphere, chemical application, etc but one of the most common problems is dandruff. This dandruff has bad effect on our hairs. These white flakes on hair are not only irritating, but also have bad effect on our scalp and hairs. Derma Skin Klinic being an obligate skin clinic would like to grasp the attention of the people towards dandruff, its effects and its cure.

As Dermatologist in Lucknow, I would like to specify some causes of dandruff or medically known as Seborrhea. The causes of these irritating white flakes are as follows:

  • If you are suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis you have higher chances for dandruff. The person suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis develops red itch patches which are much prone to dandruff which results in hair loss.
  •  If you don’t regularly brush your hair then be careful, you have a high risk of dandruff which can severely damage your hairs as told by best skin doctor in Lucknow.
  •  People with dry skin have greater chances of dandruff risk. Cold breezes of winter exaggerate this risk. Dry skin suffers from non-oily, smaller white flakes.
  •  Dandruff also depends on shampoo and conditioning products if your product contains sodium lauryl sulfate then you must avoid using that product immediately as this ingredient is very harsh and damages your scalp and hair.
  •  Medically not fit person is high prone to dandruff, if the person is suffering from Parkinson disease or any neurological disease has high risk of dandruff.

These are some major causes of dandruff problems. If the person takes the precautionary measure regarding these causes he/she can avoid dandruff and may have healthy hair.

The best way of treating these scalps is restricting the reproduction of skin cells, which may be the cause. Dermatologists can do this by providing proper medication to the person. Apart from this there are many shampoo and scalp products are available for clearing off the dandruff from your head. Efficient and regular application of these products can have effective effects on your scalp and can be cured properly.


Dandruff is not that serious problem which could be taken care of with little precautionary measures, but there are some cases where this problem becomes worse and it wouldn’t be cured unless you follow the doctor’s guidance and medication. Those conditions are as follows:

· If your dandruff infection had worsened and it had caused redness, tenderness or swelling on your scalp, then you should definitely have a visit to the best skin clinic in Lucknow.

· Even after having your home treatments and precautions you are severely suffering from dandruff then you immediately need to visit skin doctor.

· If there are signs of eczema, psoriasis or if your scalp is immensely itchy in all these cases you must visit a dermatologist as in case of ignorance, it can cause many other problems.

So, if you are suffering from this itchy and irritating problem of dandruff then hair fall treatment in Lucknow is at your assistance. Proper guidance and treatment will surely help you treating this problem.

Suffering from Athlete’s Foot? Get Yourself Treated At Derma Skin Klinic

dermatitis on foot, athlete's foot disease problem

Skin problems are serious problems if is not taken seriously can cause major damages to not only your skin but also body parts. Numerous of skin problem can be cured with proper medication and guidance and in some cases surgeries are also required. A profound skin clinic of the Lucknow with the help of knowledgeable doctors of this skin clinic has restored countless skin problems of their patients. One of the major skin diseases which are cued by the Derma skin Klinic is Athlete’s Foot.

As dermatologist in Lucknow Neeraj Pandey would like to put light on this skin disease- Athlete’s Foot.


Athlete’s foot is a fungal disease which could happen at any body part, but mostly it happened at the foot. Medically this disease is also known as Tinea Pedis. This contagious disease should be taken care of carefully as it has chances of spreading from one person to another or from one organ to another. If you roam bare foot, especially in public spaces or if you have damp or sweaty feet you need to worry!  This is because if you touch the spaces which are contaminated with fungus, this disease has good chances of being transferred to you. Public spaces have high chances of being contaminated with these fungus-es.

Now allow skin clinic in Lucknow to warn you all with some of the symptoms of this disease so that you could not delay this, and come to us for your earliest and right treatment:

  • Be cautious if you have itching, stinging or burning in between your toes or on the soles of the feet.
  • You may suffer from blisters on your foot which may be itchy.
  • Is your skin between the feet or on the sole is cracking or peeling then you need to be careful.
  • Are your toes nails are pulling away from nail bed? In such case you needed to have a proper medication.
  • You may also develop discolored, thick or crumbly nails.

If you are observing these symptoms on your feet, then you immediately should get treated for it as this infectious disease is not dangerous in most cases but can hassle your day to day life. In case if they are not been taken care at the earliest, it may become difficult to treat.

If you treat yourself under the proper guidance and medication of best skin doctor in Lucknow, this infection can be cured perfectly. Over-the-counter topical anti-fungal medication is most suitable procedure for treating this type of infection.

As a skin clinic, Derma Skin Klinic tries to provide better assistance for every skin disease. Our doctors believe in rendering best treatment possible and they formerly explain the disease and its causes and the way through which they are going to treat that. This procedure of treatment gives our patients assurance and trust towards us. In this way we are also able to clear the doubt of our customers. Thus, if you are looking for trustworthy and reliable skin clinic, then we are here for you all rendering you best through our efforts.

Wondering How To Have A Healthy & Glowing Skin?

5 tips for glowing skin

Skins are most ignored organ of human body. People ignore their skin problem or take not much care of it but let me remind you all that every organ of the body has great significance and it’s our duty to take proper care of it.

Best skin doctor in Lucknow of Derma Klinic being a very much careful about our clients would like to point out some special ways through which they can enjoy their flawless and healthy skin.

These tips are as follows:

  1. Save your skin from ultraviolet radiation: With change in environmental condition it’s much necessary to save your skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiations. So as a dermatologist in Lucknow I would suggest our patients to apply sunscreen containing SPF as this will safeguard you all from harmful sun radiations.
  2. Eat Healthy: Healthy eating would also glorify skin of our clients. People must have green veggies, fresh fruits and sufficient amount of protein and vitamin in their diet.
  3. Exercise Well: It’s very much necessary to have a regular exercise as it helps in maintaining the healthy skin. While exercising, sweating removes the toxins of your skin and body and maintain it in a healthy and glowing way.water
  4. Have lots of water: According to skin clinic in Lucknow it’s really necessary to have 3-4 liters of water in a day as water also helps in removing the impurities and toxins from the body.
  5. Remove your makeup: Before hitting your bed it’s very essential for people to remove the makeup. As not removing the makeup clogs the pores of the skin which restricts the skin from breathing and cause black spots.

Thus these with adoption of the tricks our patients can not only enjoy glowing and flawless skin but also can maintain their healthy lifestyle and restrain themselves from any health issues.

Skin Diseases Signalizing Serious Health Problems By Derma Klinic


With the change in atmosphere and life style skin problems are exaggerating nowadays. There is very a common trend of ignoring these skin problems among people unless the problem galvanize. But I would like to notify that there are many skin problems which signalize health problems.

Derma Klinic, which is very much obliged towards its patients would like to highlight those skin problems which are majorly due to health problems:

  • Eczema: According to dermatologist in Lucknow, eczema is a condition in which a person develops inflammatory patches, redness, roughness, itchiness or cracks. By seeing it you may think that it isn’t a major problem but this skin disease clearly depicts that this disease may arise due to sleep problems, joint problems or any injury. So you must not ignore your skin problem as it may symbolize your other health problem which could be cured by proper guidance and medication, before it gets worse.
  • Psoriasis: Unpredictable and irritating skin disease psoriasis is a condition where cells multiply quickly and form shiny scales on the skin surface. This disease occurs alongside with arthritis, any joint problems and recently this disease is also linked with heart disease and poor blood pressure management, as pointed out by the best skin clinic in Lucknow.
  • Stasis Dermatitis: Darkening of skin is also a skin disease which people take very lightly. Stasis Dermatitis is a skin problem where the skin of the legs or ankles are darkens caused by varicose veins or circulatory problem that leads to swelling. This symptom signals underlying diabetes, so you must take care of your skin and must be cautious about its signaling approach.
  • Vitiligo: An auto-immune disease which causes white spots on the face or body is a stress related disease. Much stress can worsen the situation as informed by skin doctor in Lucknow.


By this all we can say is people must not delay or ignore their even normal looking skin diseases as it may indicate much serious health problem. So you must not ignore your skin problem and get treated by your doctor.

Sedate Your Skin With Best Result

skin clinic in Lucknow

Derma Klinic is a restoration facility sustained by Dr Neerja Pandey, who is devoted to the magnificence in the field of Dermatology. The skin clinic in Lucknow offers deductively demonstrated medicines utilizing US FDA affirmed innovation. We value giving protected, powerful and moderate medicines with exclusive expectations of value. Patients’ fulfillment is our most imperative objective. Our prosperity is an immediate impression of the measure of time, commitment and care which we are dedicated to our patients’ needs.

The feeling at our center is altogether different from what you will discover at other Doctors’ facilities. Our staff is exceptionally devoted and influences you to feel at home when you enter the middle. Straightforward and relieving insides lighten any feelings of trepidation about going to the ‘specialist’. Our group is contained very qualified skin advisors who play out all medicines to our demanding norms, all in a warm and unwinding air.

Best Skin Doctor in Lucknow sets principles and rules that have taken over entirely. Privacy in all treatments remains our first need, whether we are managing skin maladies or corrective systems, with the goal that every one of our customers feel good amid techniques. We have a qualified female cosmetologist if sexual orientation is an issue. As the skin is a reflection of our inward wellbeing, we treat the ailment, as well as endeavor to decide any mental or physical anxiety that may have prompted such skin signs. At our clinic we just play out those strategies that are protected, non-intrusive, quick, OK with dependable outcomes with essentially no symptoms.

skin treatment

A Dermatologist in Lucknow is focused on proficient greatness and don’t miss the chance to refresh ourselves with the most recent advances in Dermatology, Cosmetology and Trichology. We tune in to what you need to accomplish and work with you to enable you to achieve your objectives by building up a treatment design custom fitted to your individual needs. We are minding and fair, furnishing you with fulfilling and sensible arrangements. It is our own objective to guarantee that every one of our patients are educated of the best accessible corrective and dermatology alternatives so they can accomplish the outcomes they want.

Gain The New Hair With Best Hair Fall Treatment

Hair-Loss (1)There is a saying that ‘hairs define the beauty of the person’ which is true. Hair changes the whole structure of the face, so hairs have great importance on physical appearance of the person. So, it becomes the necessity for me to do something for my falling hairs. The Derma klinic was referred to me by one of my cousins.

This was a really great experience with Derma Klinic. Doctors working at the Derma Klinic are well qualified and experienced professional. They thoroughly checked my scalp and informed me that my hair was falling because of seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff). Although this is a common problem, but it’s a really long process to cure with this infection. It takes around 4-6 months to cure this problem fully. After examining my problem best dermatologist in Lucknow provide me some medication and instruct me to have a healthy protein rich diet.


Informed me that a healthy diet will definitely help in curing this disease. Skin clinic in Lucknow guide me at every step until I regained my hair fall stopped and I regained my healthy hairs. Apart from doctors, staff members of the clinic are supportive and provide us full assistance during the process.

Look The Age You Feel Not The Age You Are


Male example sparseness can impact the two men and women. While qualities, accept a key part, there are ordinarily unique reasons as well, including, hormonal disproportionate attributes, an under-dynamic thyroid organ, nutritious needs and insufficient blood stream in the scalp. Male example hairlessness is a mammoth issue that numerous people are encountering. There are heaps of variety behind this hair fall issue, for handling those issues must advise with a skin clinic in Lucknow.

Air defilement speaks to a broad hazard to the prosperity status of people, causing hair and skin issues among a couple of other prosperity risks. The suspended air particles, airborne particles, and vapor defilement settle on the scalp and hair, which prompts irritation and at last damages the hair. Hair fall as a result of Pollution (HDP) has been represented by different inhabitants, given the basic air defilement levels in the city. Other than the damage caused by pollution, many are falling, losses for the hair Fall in light of the strategy for living and stress they are being through, which is uncommonly typically in metropolitan urban groups.

A segment of the Common Symptoms Indicating Hair Fall includes:

  • Increased sweating, scalp disturbing and shivering
  • Redness on the scalp and devouring sensation
  • Dry hair and sebum around hair roots
  • Dry scales and dandruff
  • Hair setback spread wherever all through the scalp

Closest by the pushed reclamation procedures, the damaged hair in like manner requires copious supplements and real nourishment that can help in getting back the lost hair.

hair fall treatment in Lucknow

Hair Fall Treatment in Lucknow starts with a distinct examination of family history, restorative history, lifestyle and scalp examination to know the purpose behind male example hairlessness. As male example hair sparseness causes vacillate from individual to individual, our Dermato-Trichologists begins the treatment with discernment’s from a total direction. PRP is a push hair fall treatment, which is a lunch hour framework with no downtime or side effects.

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure performed under close-by pain relieving with minor sedation, where little, regularly happening social events of hairs (follicular units join), are taken from the back of the scalp (the zone where the hairs have typically cut down levels of DHT) and replanting the participate in the zones of lessening or diminishing up top. Joins either have one, a couple of hairs in them, in their trademark groupings.

Dermatologist in Lucknow proposed a hair transplant just works by using a man’s own hair in this way, making it boundless for it to be rejected. The best way to deal with fathom the possibility of a hair transplant is to think of it as you would a garden, taking the plants from the back garden and replanting them into the front garden, where they build up a comparable way they would have as of now. The replanted hair is ‘unchanging hair’ and can be managed the exceptionally same way as whatever is left of your hair. The hair can be amended, shaded, bent and styled. Hair transplant surgery is sensible for treating male example sparseness and female male example hairlessness.

Delight Your Hair With The Best Treatment

Hair fall treatment in Lucknow

Hair fall treatment in Lucknow

Every one of us, regardless of whether male or female, youthful or old need a thick, glossy and lush development of hair on our scalp.

Male pattern baldness is turning into an exceptionally regular issue in all ages. On a normal, half of all men and 40% of ladies on the planet encounter some sort of balding by the age of 50 years. Be that as it may, there are different causes and sorts of male pattern baldness, which require an itemized medicinal assessment and fitting treatment.

Reasons for HAIR LOSS

One can encounter hair fall because of many reasons

» The commonest cause is dietary and nourishing lacks, for example, pallor (low level of iron), low level of vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and calcium.

» Thyroid hormone inadequacy (hypothyroidism) is an exceptionally basic reason in marginally more established ladies.

» Familial male example sparseness or androgenic alopecia can be in following evaluations.

hair fall treatment in Lucknow

hair fall treatment in Lucknow


Any basic issue or factor prompting hair fall should be recognized and treated properly. Topical and oral medicine, nutritious supplements remain the backbone of treatment in all cases. More current modalities like Mesotherapy and hair transplantation are picking up notoriety.

Mesotherapy captures in hair fall treatment in Lucknow and advance new hair, development of the organization of pharmaceutical specifically into the hair follicle. A mixed drink of solutions is managed through small, practically easy infusions to enhance the blood course in the scalp and animate the hair follicles. 4 sessions of Mesotherapy given at 15 day interim’s, may create enduring and obvious outcomes. This treatment can be securely used to treat men and ladies, with no downtime.

A solid, adjusted eating routine and decrease of worry through reflection or exercise may help with backing off hair fall. People with male pattern baldness require quiet guiding and arrangement in regards to the treatment design.

Regained My Old & Healthy Hairs By Medicinal Help Of Derma Skin Klinic


I was really worried as I was suffering from hair loss from the past two years and in spite of taking various medications, I was not able to cure my hair loss. Then one day, while I was surfing about methods to cure hair loss I came across the Derma Skin Klinic. After reading their reviews I was really impressed, there were several cases of hair loss and they cured it. Then only I set the appointment at Derma Skin Klinic and met the doctor.

When I met the Dr Neeraj Pandey, he examines my scalp carefully and tells me that my hair loss was due to fungal infection. A Dermatologist in Lucknow directed me that this hair loss will be treated by medicinal process. He instructed me that regular intake of these medicines for 8-10 months will give me desired results. He also informed me that noticeable results will be after 3-4 months.


Best skin clinic in Lucknow regularly examines my hair growth and its health and what are medicinal effects on my hairs. This regular examination by the doctors helped me a lot, the doctor would change my medicine on the basis of the treatment results and after 10 months my hair loss was fully cured and new hairs were growing.

So I was really satisfied with my hair treatment and only with the assistance of a dermatologist of Derma Klinic I was able to regain my old and healthy hairs.