Tricks To Enjoy Healthy, Bright, Acne – Free Skin All Your Life By Dermatologist


Acne is very common, especially for the ones who have oily skin or for those who are surrounded by dirty environment. These acne not only spoil their face look but also are painful and if condition got worse, they could also leave some acne marks on the face. So before anything bad happens, you should surely consult your problem with a dermatologist.

According to one of the highly reputed skin clinic in Lucknow dermatologist, Dr Neeraj Pandey, this acne problem could be efficiently cared of and precautions could be taken for such problem, if a well synchronized and balanced schedule is followed by the person. As a dermatologist in Lucknow, he is here notifying us with some precautions which may have some major benefits of the skin of their patients and these steps may also save them from such problems.

Keep Your Face Clean And Fresh:

When it comes to acne or pimple problems all what matters is how efficiently you maintain the cleanliness and hygiene all your around, especially your face. So if you are coming from out or if your skin is acne prone you must give your face a regular two time wash per day, to save yourself from acne problem.


What, are you thinking only if your skin is oily you don’t need to moisturize? Moisturizing is a significant and is advisable for everyone, so if you have oily skin, you should moisturize your skin with oil/cream free moisturizer.

Shorten Your Use Of Makeup:

So if you don’t want your acne problem to be worse, you should use your makeup sparingly as these makeup products may cause more infection to your infectious area. If possible use herbal makeup products away from chemicals.

Protect Your Skin From Harsh Sun Rays:

These harsh UVR of sun could damage your acne infection so much must keep your infection area protected from such rays. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen before going out and covering up your face, so that you may not cause more problems to your infection.

Keep Your Skin Healthy And Hydrated:

Adequate water consumption is really necessary when it comes to skin, eating healthy and keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is a key to enjoy glowing and shiny skin all our life, so you must take care of that.

So, follow these tricks and enjoy your bright face all your life.


Need A Flawless Skin Then Should Look For The Best Skin Clinic


Each lady wants impeccable clear skin and immaculate composition. Be that as it may, factors, for example, free radicals, hormonal changes and sun introduction can harm your skin, prompting sketchy pigmentation and dim spots, influencing you to look more established. Pigmentation is fundamentally the nearness of haziness (hyperpigmentation) or light (hypopigmentation) fixes on the skin. It is a generally watched, concern. It isn’t dangerous, yet it can give restless evenings to the individuals who want an unmistakable and even skin tone. Before we take a gander at how we can successfully treat pigmentation, first let us comprehend what causes it. Our skin has melanocytes.

These are cells that create shade called melanin, which gives skin its shading. The quantity of melanocytes introduce in our skin decides our skin shading. Melanin separated from giving the skin its shading, shields our skin from the harming impacts of sun radiation. The more our skin is presented to sunrays, the more melanin is delivered by melanocytes. This overabundance melanin is then stored under the skin, which prompts skin tone, darker patches or pigmentation. An inquiry that may trouble you is that the amount of sun presentation is awful for the skin. Skin Clinic in Lucknow told that the sun discharges two sorts of beams i.e. UVA and UVB. UVB radiation consumes the upper layers of skin (epidermis) prompting sunburns.

UVA radiation, then again can enter further into the skin (dermis) and trigger melanocytes to deliver overabundance melanin prompting pigmentation. The dermis contains veins and nerves and UVA by harming the dermis likewise prompts untimely maturing.

Along these lines, if your way of life requests being out in the sun or field work, at that point you’re arranging yourself to progressive and relentless pigmentation and maturing. Your skin may begin looking dull and rashly matured. You will be shocked to realize that even indoor lighting produces UV beams. Thus ensure that you utilize sunscreen dependably whether inside or outside to secure your skin.

Laser Hair Removing Treatment By Best Dermatologist – Who Clear Off All Doubts As Well Hairs Flawlessly

laser hair removal treatment

Suffering from numerous of waxing sessions every month, I looked up for permanent hair removal procedures as these procedures are as one time investments, and few – day sessions, could render you lifetime comfort and trouble freeness. After having this treatment I could relieve myself from painful waxing procedure all my life and could wear whatever clothes I wanted and whenever I wanted.

Through numerous of searches and research of best and experienced dermatologist, Dr. Neeraj Pandey seems best to me. As he was the only dermatologist who was highly experienced in this field and had successfully rendered numerous of laser hair removal treatment to their patients. When I discussed my problem with a dermatologist in Lucknow, he firstly make sure if my skin is suitable for such kinds of treatments or not. As my skin wasn’t tanned, he assures me that the treatment would be carried out successfully.

The dermatologist of this clinic is highly cooperative and is always there to clear off the queries and doubts of their clients. After clearing off all my queries, he informed me about some pre – treatment precautions.

Under this process, a Dr Neeraj Pandey passes a beam of laser light through the skin. The heat emitted by laser light is absorbed by pigments present in hair follicles which destroys it and inhibits the hair growth. This process really gives you smooth skin. After having this treatment I don’t have to spend my hours in beauty salon every month. It was a painless process which had given me smooth shiny skin. After this treatment I don’t have to think about wearing any dress as my skin is smooth and clear.

I totally enjoyed my sessions as it’s a painless process everything goes smoothly.

Emerge to incredible possibilities


A solid scholastic reputation and a down to earth preparing are the fundamental requirements of a decent dermatologist. Being in the therapeutic field the dermatologist in Lucknow must be both physically fit and rationally solid as they need to at some point remain for long and at odd hours. To analyze an issue legitimately, the dermatologist needs to continually and adequately associate with their patients, which require great correspondence and relational aptitudes. As skin conditions can be obnoxious at a few times, the dermatologist ought to be agreeable in managing the issues identified with blood and real capacities. Also, to do surgery and fragile systems on the treatment they should have a decent control on their faculties.

Dermatology is a tremendous field and had an assortment of intrigue territories to pick one from. Competitors can have some expertise in Medical dermatology, which manages inside and outer skin ailments, medicate responses. Restorative dermatology manages skin treatment through corrective methodology, including dermabrasion, concoction peels, confront lifts, liposuctions and so forth subsequent to looking at the kind of the skin, corrective dermatologists treat scars, skin break out, hair falls, wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation and so forth. Dermato-pathology is another region of specialization which incorporates diagnosing and observing of skin ailments which are irresistible, immunologic and degenerative. Mohs surgery and surgical dermatology is the field that arrangements with the cure of sicknesses like growth and tumors. One additionally intriguing territory pediatric dermatology that arrangements with treatment of skin infections in newborn children, kids and youths.

A Dermatologist can likewise connect with himself in sub-specialty preparing and extra preparing in surgical systems. Qualified and experienced dermatologists can open their own consulting facilities and clinical labs.

Treat Your Skin Problem With The Best Dermatologist Of The City


Chuckling, pity, outrage, and shock – your face demonstrates the greater part of your feelings to the world. Also, a lifetime of feelings implies your facial muscles have been put under serious scrutiny, prompting wrinkles, crow’s feet, and chuckle lines. A dermatologist in Lucknow has an answer for you, Botox Cosmetic Treatments.

Every one of these indications of feeling can abandon you looking more seasoned than your years – however on account of the present innovation, we can essentially lessen their appearance all over.

We regulate little infusions specifically into the range you’d jump at the chance to make strides. In case you’re worried about torment or have touchy facial territories, we’ll be glad to apply an ice pack or analgesic cream to the territory.

The purged protein from the infusion goes to work promptly on the facial muscles that are causing wrinkles. You will start to see unmistakable enhancements throughout the following month.


Botox Cosmetic is a physician recommended pharmaceutical that is infused into muscles and used to enhance the look of the “11s,” the direct to-extreme glare lines between the eyebrows. It works by blocking nerve driving forces to the infused muscles. This lessens muscle action that makes direct extreme lines to shape between the temples.


Inside days, you may see a stamped change in the direct to-serious glare lines between your foreheads. Lines keep on improving for up to 30 days, and results can keep going for up to 4 months. Singular outcomes may change.


Unmistakable outcomes have been appearing to last up to 4 months. Your outcomes may differ – make sure to converse with your human services supplier about what you can anticipate that and when will plan your next arrangement.


Uneasiness is generally negligible and brief. Before infusion, your doctor may numb the zone with a chilly pack or soporific cream. The whole technique takes around 10 minutes.

Revive Your Skin Pores With Best Skin Clinic

Skin Pores_700x400

Powerful identity lays extraordinary impact at the forefront of individuals’ thoughts. For a viable and dashing identity, it’s truly essential for a man to keep up his skin and body. Be that as it may, with this radical change in condition and way of life, it’s truly troublesome for a man to protect his/her skin from any sort of skin disease or issue.

Derma Klinic a conspicuous medical center with broadened therapeutic administrations has officially settled them as a main restorative specialist co-op with amazing treatment methods took after by restoration experts of this facility. Derma klinic feels its duty towards individuals and has faith in guarding individuals from any sort of skin illnesses or issues. So here medicinal professionals of this skin center are informing some uncommon courses through which individuals can make the most of their displaying skin all their life.

As indicated by skin clinic in Lucknow it’s truly vital for individuals to spare them from destructive radiations, for example, UVA and UVB which have an extremely unfortunate impact on individuals’ skin. Doctor of this skin facility exhorts every one of the general population to utilize sunscreens containing SPF in it before leaving their homes as this will spare them from hurtful radiations and consequences of any sort of skin disease.

Aside from this keeping up the solid eating regimen is another route through which individuals can increase perfect skin. What you eat obviously appears on your skin so having a solid and nutritious eating routine can give our clients wanted skin. An eating routine loaded with green veggies, new organic products, protein and vitamin help them in keeping up the body and skin. As per skin specialists of another path through which customers of this skin center could keep up their sparkling skin is working out, while working out poisons, polluting influences and earth from the body are shed out as sweat and accordingly allow them to display their sound skin. A man must have an adequate admission of water on the regular schedule as this is another route through which a man could drive the polluting influences and poisons out of their body.

How To Protect Hairs From Dandruff Infection?


As winters are in, there are numerous of skin and hair problems that people face at every winter. One of them is dandruff problem, as this dandruff brings lots of other problems with it as well, such as hair fall, itching, bad looks and what not! Well reputed and qualified Dermatologist who is framed as a perfectionist in the field of dermatology has successfully treated numerous of their patients at Derma Klinic, has now taken a charge to set all their patients free from dandruff and its related problems.

A dermatologist in Lucknow is here presenting some precautions through which their patients could save themselves from dandruff infection and its related problems:

  • As everyone knows it, but even after knowing this, many people don’t follow it! You should never use other people’s comb. As any kind of infection in their hair would be transferred to yours.
  • A next precaution that you must adopt is choosing the right shampoo, if your scalp is contagious to dandruff, you must choose the shampoo with ingredients like Ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione. Shampoo with these ingredients will protect the scalp from dandruff infection.
  • Dandruff infection, also occurs when the hair scalp or hairs aren’t clean so make sure to wash your hairs twice or thrice a week. Apart from this, if you live in the area which is surrounded by construction activities, make sure to cover your hairs with a cloth when you go out.
  • Don’t forget to condition your hairs, after hair wash. This will maintain your hairs in healthy position.

Adopt these precautions and save your hairs from dandruff infection and eventually falling.

Enhance Your Skin Texture With Best Skin Clinic


Not just skin, issues can happen with nails moreover. Many individuals experience the ill effects of issues like hindered nail development, weak nails, parasitic contamination of nails and so on. Our hair is additionally not left untouched by different issues. Hair fall, scalp disease, dandruff and so forth are probably the most widely recognized hair issues looked by individuals which ought to be addressed by qualified dermatologists or trichologists as it were. Topical medications might be successful now and again, yet the reality of the situation is, a few issues must be managed by the best dermatologist in Lucknow.


Be that as it may, patients who are experiencing every one of these issues ought not lose trust. At Derma klinic, the best skin doctor in Lucknow is accessible, who can help you in disposing of all your skin issues. Dr. Neeraj Pandey, who is without a doubt among the best skin authorities.

At Derma Klinic, most recent restorative hardware and philosophies are used by some the best corrective dermatologists. The best advancements and hardware are utilized for the treatment. The altered and particularly planned treatment guarantees no reactions and speedier recuperation. At the point when the treatment is particularly intended for the patient subsequent to directing a fastidious report on him, then the treatment will work without a doubt.

The joyful condition in the Derma Klinic is a promoter, it enables the patients to alleviate their strain and go into the treatment. The telephonic meeting after the treatment enables the patients to be in contact with the specialists routinely. Derma Klinic guarantees world class cleanliness and cleanliness for the patients; the items, instruments utilized are of world class standard and are utilized to serve the patient with the best.

The center has seen dermatology developing from the earliest stages to its present status. This center has adjusted to the progressions occurring in the field of Dermatology every once in a while and it is gladly remaining as a standout amongst other healthy skin facilities.

The hardware we have chosen is best in class. The laser hardware is Nd:YAG laser which is a standout among-st the most modern frameworks on the planet. It is appropriate for Indian skin sort and hair sort, accordingly the outcomes are nearly ensured with positively no symptoms. Dermatologist gives you the superb skin treatment which incorporates Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and Derma roller. Treatment for hair fall and laser medicines in Pune for lasting hair lessening.

Had A Fantastic Laser Hair Removal Experience

laser hair removal 2

Being a busy, working professional it was really difficult for me to go for beauty salon booking and then have a time taking and painful hair removing session through waxing and all. I looked out for permanent hair removing procedures or methods, then I came to know about the Laser Hair Removal procedure, after reading numerous of reviews and feedback, I felt relaxed as this permanent hair removing procedure was very successful for them.

After this, while searching for a dermatologist with really high experience and knowledge, I came to know about Dr. Neeraj Pandey, who was blessed with years of experience and 100% successful hair removal cases. Then I fixed my appointment at their skin clinic in Lucknow for consultation and knowing about the whole procedure. While consulting, this highly experienced dermatologist totally relaxed me by assuring that the procedure is highly successful with great results.

He fixed my session date, but asked me to follow some precautionary measures such as don’t let my skin to be tanned, don’t try on any waxing before the session, asked me if I am on any kind of medication – as I was not, he instructs me not to have any kind of medication before the session. The last precaution which was directed by him was not having any kind of makeup before laser hair removal session.

The result of my first session was amazing, after this session only I noticed very little growth and further follow up sessions helped me in cracking great deal as from now on I don’t have to worry about my salon appointments and have painful waxing procedure.

Give Your Skin Flashy Effects Only By Botox Treatment Of Derma Klinic


Derma Klinic, a skin clinic, which deals with multiple skin problems place there every step to fling every skin problem out of his patient’s life. Derma Klinic is a skin clinic which takes care of every skin problem of their client has enriched itself with range of laser treatments which will turn around your entire look.

Derma Klinic isn’t the skin clinic, which deals only in skin diseases or infection, but also has established itself as well known cosmetic surgery servers. With highly advanced medical machineries or equipments Derma Klinic is serving its patients to the best. This skin clinic is well equipped with the latest technological, medical equipments/instruments which have set their records as perfect service providers. With these equipments dermatologist of this skin clinic ensure to render the less risked and highly accurate medical service. Dr Neeraj Pandey and Dr Tulika Pandey, who are established of this skin clinic believe in rendering the supreme and expertise medical service to their patients. Dermatologists of this clinic have solution of your every skin problems from acne to mole problem, from wrinkles to dark circles, from hair fall to hair reduction, hair transplant and what not.

Being specialized in all these varied skin care treatment skin clinic of this has successfully rendered numerous of cosmetic services and still continuing the same. Among several of those cosmetic services which has been served by the dermatologist in Lucknow I would like to inform all my readers about one of those skin treatments and that is, Botox Treatment.

If you are suffering from lines, wrinkles or facial creases on your face with Botox treatment are there for you. It is a kind of skin treatment which is given when people start developing wrinkles even at a young age. Under this treatment, Botox injections are given by dermatologists to the patient suffering from such problems to block the signals from nerve to muscle, as a result injected could no longer contract which causes wrinkles to be relaxed and softened. This kind of treatment is only adopted by skin doctor when the most affected portions of an individual are the forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines. Pursuant to the skin doctor of this clinic, this Botox treatment doesn’t work if the person has developed wrinkles due to sun or gravity.

Botox treatment is a treatment completed in few minutes, which is performed without anesthesia. Under this cosmetic skin treatment, dermatologist of this skin clinic injects fine needled injection on some specified muscle which cause minor pain or discomfort. Before having such treatment, it is instructed by skin doctors to avoid intake of alcohol or anti-inflammatory medicines before the week of having the skin treatment. The effect of this skin treatment last for three to four months. After three to four months, muscle gradually returns to normal action, and further treatment is required.